An Entertainment License must be obtained by the following establishments or businesses:
• Discotheques and other venues that stage folk and country dancing
• Restaurants that provide entertainment;
• Any place providing a show or other activities for the purpose of entertaining customers and allowing staff to socialize with customers
• Any place providing equipment enabling patrons to sing and allowing staff to socialize with customers
• Any place that has no dance floor but allows customers to dance on the premises
• Other places with lights and sounds facilities

The person or the representatives of a juristic person applying for an Entertainment License shall have the following qualifications:
• Minimum 20 years old upon application
• Not being an incompetent or quasi-incompetent person
• Not being a person with an illness related with infectious diseases, alcoholism or serious drug addiction
• Never had been convicted of crime relating to sexual abuse according to Criminal Code under the law on women and girls trafficking, the law on dissuasion of the distribution and trade of pornographic materials, and the law on the dissuasion of prostitution.

The Municipality or District Office where the business is located will issue the Entertainment License.  The license is valid for one year and must be renewed annually before its expiration.