Companies involved in the business of import and/or export, or in a business that requires importing or exporting certain products in or out of Thailand, should register for an import/export license with the Customs Department. The companies would be added to the Customs Department’s online system so that the goods may go through Customs directly. This electronic system provides a one-stop service and can be used for issuing licenses, paying duties, and taxes.

In order to qualify for an import/export license card, each company must have a corporate bank account and be registered for VAT. This process can be completed in one day after which the company can carry out import and/or export activities.

In order to import certain goods, additional licenses may be required. For example, for the import of unfinished clothing parts, used motor vehicles, used motorcycles, and intaglio printing machines or color copy machines, a license must be obtained from the Department of Foreign Trade. For the import of drugs, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products, a license must be obtained from the Food and Drug Administration.