Marriage in Thailand is governed by the Civil and Commercial Code. A marriage can take place only if the man and woman publicly consent to take each other as husband and wife before the Registrar.
Only officially registered marriages recorded into the government´s marriage register are recognized as legal and valid. Informal marriages, common-law, Buddhist marriages, or any religious marriage ceremony are not recognized as legal marriages under Thai civil law.

Couples who wish to get married should comply the following conditions:
• Either of them should be at least 17 years of age and must also have the minimum age prescribed as appropriate for getting married by their country of origin
• Either of them should not be an insane person or adjudged incompetent
• Both of them should not be in blood relations in the direct ascendant or descendant line or brother or sister of full or half-blood
• Both of them should not have the same adoptive parents
• Either of them should not have a spouse at the time of marriage

A woman whose husband died or whose marriage has become terminated, can marry someone else only after 310 days from such death or termination.
An exemption applies in the following cases:
• A child has been born during such period
• The divorced couple remarry
• There is a certificate showing that the woman is not pregnant
• There is an order of the Court allowing the woman to marry