The Royal Decree on Managing the Work of Foreigners replaces and unifies the Working of Foreigner Act and the Royal Decree on Recruitment of Foreigners.
Work is defined as “performing any profession, whether or not there is an employer, but excluding business operation of a foreign business license’s holder under the Foreign Business Act”.

All foreigners who intend to remain in Thailand to work or conduct business must obtain a Non-Immigrant Business Visa and a Work Permit prior starting work. In the Work Permit is mentioned the foreigner’s position, current occupation or job description, and the company where he works.

A Work Permit is generally issued for 1-year period and may be renewed every year before its expiry date. If the duration of employment is less than 1 year, a Work Permit will be granted only for that period.
Some types of Work Permits may be approved for the duration of 2 years, such as a Work Permits for Representative offices, BOI-promoted companies, and companies with registered capital exceeding 30 million Baht.

Working without a valid Work Permit or performing any prohibited work as prescribed under the Alien Employment Act is a criminal offence and is punishable by a fine.