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A last will and testament plays an important role in estate planning and ensuring the distribution of assets to heirs as intended.

Having a will drafted only in your country of origin, can become problematic for your family when dealing with your Thai assets, due to translations and government bodies approvals involved. To avoid stress and potential confusion after your demise, we recommend drafting a second will for your goods in Thailand and using the services of a specialized lawyer is highly recommended.

At Antares, our professional lawyers can help you draft a clear and comprehensive Thai last will and testament that reflects your wishes, offering you ease of mind and protection for your family. We will ensure that all estate related matters are covered, including appointing a guardian for your minor or disabled heirs.

We are familiar with Thai probate law and we apply our knowledge in planning and drafting a Thai last will and testament that can resist most legal challenges, witness it and store the legal copies as per your wishes.

We ensure that your Thai last will and testament would always include the following:

  • Personal details of the testator

  • All heirs or beneficiaries

  • The legal executor or administrator

  • The two witnesses

  • A list with all assets, liabilities, and debts

  • How the assets should be transferred between the heirs

  • The goods that should be donate to charity

  • The guardians for underage children

  • How funeral must be arranged

Having a well-drafted Thai last will and testament helps foreigners residing in Thailand to prevent confusion, disagreements, and legal disputes between heirs, as well as long bureaucratic procedures that may arise in the unfortunate event of passing away in Thailand. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or assistance you may require.


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