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Labour disputes are inevitable in any work place. Any failure to follow the guidelines provided by law is a ground for the employee to file a legal action.

In Thailand, labor disputes are regulated by the Labor Relations Act. This Act prescribe the ways to settle labor disputes between employers and employees and to prevent unfair labor practices.

Foreigners are advised to always take advice from a lawyer before pursuing litigation because litigation in Thailand can be a very costly issue and time-consuming, and dispute resolution is often encouraged.

Antares experienced labor lawyers are committed to help both claimants and defendants resolve labor disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can successfully advise you in a multitude of labor law issues, including:

  • Employment agreements and compensation matters

  • Wage and hours disputes

  • Wrongful termination claims

  • Non-competition and non-disclosure agreements

  • Discrimination claims

  • Restructure (downsizing) claims

  • Layoffs

  • Occupational safety and hazard claims

Depending upon your goal and situation, we can help you settle labour disputes through an alternative conflict resolution approach, such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration, or even pursue litigation.

In Thailand, parties are not required to be represented in court, but we highly recommend to be assisted by a Thai lawyer because the judicial process is carried out in Thai language and under the complex Thai laws.

Our courtroom litigators have successfully defended clients in both Labour Courts and Supreme Court. Please contact us to help you evaluate your choices and set the strategy from the outset and manage cases proactively while making sure that your rights are fully protected.


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