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In Thailand, foreigners are not allowed to own land. However, they are permitted to own buildings and structures on land, and condominium purchase is the easiest way for a foreigner to buy a property in Thailand.

Foreigners may fully own condominium units anywhere in the country as long as the foreign ownership does not exceed 49% of the total units of the respective condominium building.

Before signing the acquisition documents, investors must always seek professional advice from a lawyer to ensure that they get the best deal and avoid any legal risks.

At Antares, our experienced lawyers and tax specialists are able to give you practical advice and may assist you with your condominium purchase. Our professional services include:

  • Check the title deed, the foreign ownership quota and other relevant documents of the condominium unit

  • Perform a comprehensive real estate due diligence on the condominium unit, confirming the lack of outstanding debts, liens, mortgages or other encumbrances

  • Check court records to see if there are any actions against the seller or if he has been declared bankrupt

  • Review of the offer letter and assignment agreement on the condominium unit

  • Provide comments on agreement clauses and negotiate the modifications

  • Prepare the application and the supporting documents necessary for the registration of the transfer of ownership

  • Register, on your behalf, the condominium ownership transfer with the Land Department

  • Translate the unit title deed in English

Our professionals may guide and assist you through every step to successfully complete the condominium purchase, while dealing with all complications that may occur. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or assistance you may require.


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